Workshop dan FGD Tentang Climate Extremes and Societal Resilience in Serayu River Basin

We (UNSOED, University of Colorado Boulder USA, IIT Hyderabad India) will organize a workshop and focus group discussion (FGD) on Climate Extremes and Societal Resilience in Serayu River Basin. The event will be held online on 9 – 12 August 2021 (2,5 hours per day). While the FGD will be attended by relevant stakeholders of Serayu River Basin, the workshop is open to public.

We invite you to join in the workshop with the following exceptional speakers:

Monday, 9 August 2021

Dwi Purwantoro, S.T. M.T. (Kepala BBWS Serayu Opak) – Recent problems and challenges of Serayu River Basin management, an overview

Adi Ripaldi, M.Si. (Kasub Koordinator Analisa dan Informasi Iklim) – Precipitation extremes and their forecast in Indonesia

Yanto, Ph.D (Universitas Jenderal Soedirman) – Variability of precipitation extremes in Serayu River Basin

Ir. Tri Susilarjo, M.M. (Kepala Dinas Pertanian dan Perkebunan Jawa Tengah) – Climate variability and agricultural production in Barlingmascap

Slamet Suwardi (General Manager, PT. Indonesia Power UP Mrica) – Climate variability and hydropower generation in Mrica Power Generation Unit

Wipi Supriyanto, S.T., M.I.Kom. (Direktur Teknik, PAM Banyumas) – Climate variability and domestic water supply in Purwokerto

M. Umar Fauzi, S.T. (Kepala Pelaksana BPBD Purbalingga) – Current status of disaster mitigation in Serayu River Basin

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan (University of Colorado at Boulder) – Climate forecasting tool in the USA

Satish Regonda, Ph.D (India) – Climate variability in Krishna River Basin

Dr. Naga Ratna Kopparthi (Indian Meteorological Department) – Climate forecasting system in India

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Prof. Edith Zagona (University of Colorado at Boulder) – Sustainable hydropower generation and reservoir operation under changing climate

Prof. Ir. Joko Sujono, M.Eng., Ph.D (Guru Besar Teknik Sipil UGM) – Flood and drought risk assessment

Sri Raghu Ram (CWC, India) – Flood forecasting system in India

Ir. Priyatno Bambang Hernowo, S.T., M.M., IPU, AER (Direktur Utama PAM Jaya) – Strategic climate change mitigation for water drinking supply in Jakarta

Somkiat Apipattanavis, Ph.D (Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand) – Best practice of irrigation system for dryland farming in Thailand

Prof. Ir. Totok Agung Dwi Haryanto, M.P., Ph.D  (Guru Besar Fakultas Pertanian UNSOED) – Crops for dryland farming

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Dr. Raditya Jati, S.Si., M.Si. (Deputi Sistem dan Strategi BNPB) – Recent development of natural disaster early warning system in Indonesia

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep (Lead Environmental Specialist, World Bank) – Global Advances in Hydroinformatics


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